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Hello guys,

lately there has been a lot of discussion about deviantArt logo changes and I've talked to a number of people about it, but got a little tired to keep repeating myself for everyone over and over again, so decided to write a journal. Therefore, I won't be replying for anyone anymore.

So, first of all, we should define what is opinion and what is mocking. I've seen some people that said how they prefered another color or some other constructive comments how they thought the mood wasn't the best choice or something. A polite way of saying one's opinion with reasonable explanation. I respect those people a lot and would never argue with that, because they state things that are called OPINION.

And there again, there are people that just keep shouting that the new logo in "thoughtless, stupid, failure" and many similar words and keep defending themselves that it's their "opinion" and that many other people from this site think so. I think that it's incredibly unfair and ignorant to act like that. First of all, what makes you think that your opinion is worth a lot more than professionals' who have made the logo and whole dA staff that decided that it's fine like this? Those people know a lot about graphic design and visual communication and most of people who are mocking the new logo are just hobbyist artists that don't even have a high level of skills, but somehow think that their taste is incredibly right and totally the best. Second of all, how can you be so disrespectful for someone who have put a lot of effort into this? Do you also go to restaurants and when you eat something that you don't find tasty go around shouting how terrible is that and that their cook is a failure? I doubt, so why do you do it here? It's been a big problem for a long time, because for some reason, people think that EVERYONE understands visual culture and it's principles. EVERYONE can decide whether the logo/poster/painting is good or not. I'm sorry to tell you guys, bt that's not true. It's a profession that people work A LOT to get, it's just like every other occupation - doctor, plumber, cook, WHATEVER. So if you don't go to those people telling how you know better than them how to do their job, please don't do it here as well.

Many people say "why didn't they give us choice, we could've voted in a poll!". So, first of all, do any of you, who say that, know how much branding costs? If not, then please research that and count if it's really worth to put thrice as much money just to give community a choice. And I bet that even after doing this, A LOT would still stay unpleased and say that it was a wrong choice or maybe that all logos were bad. Second thing, why do you think that you can choose, but the owners cannot? They are the ones that created this site, they invest money and work so it would function properly and gather all artists here, but somehow, when it comes to opinion what their style should be, their opinion is WORTHLESS and only yours matters. Why? If one day you have a company of your own, will you leave decision like this to your employees? Or will you, as a rightful boss decide yourself?

So yeah, all of this fuss makes me incredibly sad to see. I just wish all of those people would one day end up in a same situation where they would work a lot to create the best they can and afterward they would just get a flood of negativity from people that don't even really know what they are talking about. Guys, just be more thoughtful, please.

And for my opinion on the logo, I don't find it as a total perfection either, but I think it's pretty well done and opens a nice way of oppurtunities for further branding. After seeing and explanatory video I cannot unsee the d and A combined, and even when they're cut, I see it everytime I look at it, which I think is nice :) It's a lot more modern than the old one and keeps more ideas in itself, other than just corny DA - first letters of a name.

So my main point of this journal wouldn't be that all of you who think that the logo is bad are wrong. My main point is, always have an OPINION, which is polite and reasonable and quit the mocking.

P. S. The funniest thing - people disrespect staff, designers and their work and then when someone gets back at them they're suddenly incredibly offended that you're INSULTING THEM! ;D Man I laughed so hard at this :D You get what you give I must say, respect has to be deserved.

Good day, fellas~


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